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Individual Education

The programs offered at Yarnell Schools and expectations of students and faculty are unique. The school uses a one-on-one approach that allows students to work at a pace that is tailored to their learning ability. In this environment, the instructor is able to constantly assess the student’s retention of the material being taught through oral examinations and written assessments. If there are any problems in comprehension the instructor can change how the content is delivered based on the student’s needs. This style of instruction also allows students to take courses that may not be offered at traditional schools. Some of the other assets of the school include customized curricula, individual scheduling, and a high level of parental involvement. The school is able to provide instruction in virtually any subject at the level required by the individual student. More than 70% of the school’s faculty holds a masters degree or PhD. This allows the school to teach a wide range of courses in the most rigorous manner possible for the student. Scheduling is designed to accommodate the student on a case-by-case basis allowing them to pursue other educational opportunities or extracurricular activities. The level of parental involvement is considerable. Parent contact is maintained throughout enrollment on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis through phone conferences, meetings with the director or founder of the school, and internet accessible session notes.